Gas kiln installation

This kiln has a new home in Edinburgh, it was made to fit through a tight gap but was left fully installed, demonstrated and ready to fire. As we were installing, the shed was being built around it. Photos below show the kiln in progress, delivery and all set up.

The burner manifold is designed to split so that you can have a slow bisque firing with full control using just one burner or with all four burner heads.

Lead me gently up the garden path…

Not your average delivery but a lovely little studio at the bottom of the garden on the south coast. Quite a way to go but our installation and tuition package was what drew this Rohde customer in. A delightful setup, nice pieces, pots and loads of ideas. Hard not be enthusiastic in such good company. Thanks to the gent who allowed access over his land. Look forward to delivering the gas kiln in the not too distant future. . .

It is a bit snug and the walls and the table are wood so we decided some stainless steel heat shields would be prudent, as well as monitoring the firings initially. A bit of a refit for the shelving is required too. Again the kiln has been delivered, wired in and left working on our departure with a big discussion on firing, loading and how and what to set on the controller to achieve the best results.

Colour matching service

As we believe we make the best kilns on the market, we decided the only way to keep improving is to keep offering our customers more for their money. With this in mind, we can now make your kiln to the colour of your choice. Simply post us a swatch and your kiln can perfectly match your studio. IMG-2757