ST222 Controller




The ST222 is a 9 program, 9 segment controller designed to be used on small, 3kw kilns. Can be used for glass, ceramics and pottery. It is fully adjustable with a detailed 5 lamp mimic display and continuous display of program and segment numbers. Each segment comprises of a ramp followed by a soak. Ramps can be heating or cooling. It executes a controlled ramp to the soak temperature where it dwells for the required period then executes the next segment. The end of the program is marked by selecting ‘End’ while entering a ramp rate. Natural cooling then follows. Features: – For “plug in” kilns only – can be used to replace kiln sitters – Ideal for glass or ceramics use – Soak times up to nearly 100 hours – Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C + full – Programs can be reviewed or altered while firing – Program pause and segment advance facilities – Keyboard lockable – Delayed start facility, up to 4 days – Power failure recovery – Energy used display – Standard alarm / safety relay with alarm buzzer – Complete with wall mounting bracket and user manuals