Our team make and design elements for our kilns as well as others.

If you have one of our kilns and need new elements, it helps us if you have your element code, though we may also have it on file.

If you have another make of kiln, we need as much of the following information as possible in order to make the elements for you:

  • Make of kiln

  • Kw rating

  • Internal dimensions

  • How many element grooves the kiln has

  • The internal and external diameter of the element

  • The mm of the element wire

  • An internal photo of the kiln if possible

  • Do you know how many banks of elements your kiln has?

If you let us know whether you’d like us to fit them or if you you can fit them yourself, we’d be happy to send you a quote.

If your kiln is slow to temperature, we can reformat the the elements to give you more power, if you have an adequate power supply.

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