We get all of our clays from Valentine Clays. We stock a variety at our shop in Pilling and would be happy to bring some with us if we are delivering / servicing for you. Our aim is to provide you with everything you need, so you can do what you do best and create.

If you require something in particular please get in touch and we can ensure we have it for you.

AA Fireclay – 1Kg

A good all round fireclay

Alumina Hydrate 1Kg

Used to introduce Alumina into Glaze

Barium Carbonate 100g

Used to produce vellum matts in Stoneware and porcelain

Batt Wash – 500g

To help protect them from any glaze spillages.

Bentonite 1Kg

Used as a suspension agent

Black Iron Oxide 100g

4-8% gives dark Browns

Bone Ash 1Kg

A secondary flux in Glazes

Borax Frit 1Kg

Unleaded frit most commonly used in earthenware glazes

China Clay 1Kg

A source of Alumina & Silica in Glazes

Chrome Oxide 100g

Usually produces greens but will give pink in the presence of Tin

Cobalt Carbonate 100g

1-3% will give a blue glaze

Cobalt Oxide 100g

Up to 1.5% will give a deep blue/black

Colemanite 1Kg

A powerful flux in glazes

Copper Carbonate 100g

3-7% will give a green colour except when used with alkaline glazes

Copper Oxide 100g

5% will give a green colour except when used with alkaline glazes

Dolomite 1Kg

A combination of Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate

Dry Stone 1Kg

Substitute for Cornish stone

High Alkaline Frit 1Kg

The high alkali metal content

Hyplas 71

High plasticity cream firing ball clay

Limestone 1Kg

Used as an ingredient in certain glazes

Manganese Dioxide 100g

Give brown colours. Will produce pinks with alkaline glazes – produces stronger colours than manganese carbonate.

Nephaline Syenite 1Kg

Used to provide soda in Glazes

Nickel Oxide 100g

1-3% gives dull browns, greens and greys.

Petalite 1Kg

Secondary flux in Glazes