Built Stronger to last longer … this is not just an expression, it’s the mindset behind the design of every product we produce. From the 6mm steel frame of our front loaders to the stainless lids on our top loaders, we aim to produce a kiln that is not only reliable, but one that will stand the test of time whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

All our kilns benefit from a substantial steel frame, which unlike others, means none of the structural integrity of the kiln relies on the insulation. 

We use high quality, double rated electrical components throughout all of our ranges, as well as thick gauge elements. This means even wearable parts of the kiln are installed with longevity in mind.

Built Better

Our kilns are also lined with a substantial amount of insulation. Especially where they need it most. Our top loading kilns are the only available on the market with back up insulation in the lid, providing outstanding economy. We also use tried and tested design features. Proud brickwork to prevent scorching, brick arched ceiling in our front loaders for longevity, and industrial gas struts to assist lifting on our top loading lids, are just a few of many examples of this throughout our range.

Whether you’re using your kiln for hobby purposes, or whether it’s a crucial part of your business. We understand the need for reliability, and economy. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service as well as our products, giving you peace of mind when firing time and time again. 

Built Better