NK is the home of our shop, office and manufacturing space so whatever you need, a visit could be beneficial.

In the shop we keep:

  • A good stock of Valentine Clays

  • A selection of Potters wheels

  • Mayco glazes

  • Botz glazes

  • Chrysanthos underglazes

  • NK glazes

  • Raw materials

  • Oxides

  • Kemper Tools

  • Mudtools

  • A Rohde Ecotop 43

We try to make sure you feel like a "kid in a sweet shop" when you visit!

All of these items are also available to ship UK wide (with the exception of clay)

We do still have a small pottery running onsite, as this was our origin, it is something that we wanted to keep, so our set up is available to view which includes a working Little Chief.

Other models of kiln are available to view, it just depends on what is being delivered over the next week or two as we manufacture our kilns to order. If you're interested in something in particular, please get in touch.

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