If you’re looking for your first kiln, we’re here to help.

We make kilns so we believe we have just the kiln for you.

Whether you are taking up the age-old craft of pottery for peace of mind, for your own personal “me time” or with the intention of a new business we believe we can offer the best product and service available.

Most people starting out on their journey into firing their own ceramics know what they’re doing with clay but normally leave the firings to their tutor so don’t feel alone if you’ve not fired a kiln before – we can assist with that.

All of our kilns are available to buy online but if you’d like a helping hand, we can help you choose the kiln that’s right for you. Please get in touch and we can start the discussion.

Not only do we offer a premium product, but we also help you learn how to use it, so you can fire on your own confidently.

We have plenty of resources, videos and of course our helpline (01253 790307) so if you’d like the kiln shipped by carrier, we’re confident we can help you remotely.

We also offer our personal delivery whereby we deliver the kiln into position, install and demonstrate the controller. If you’d like a quote for this delivery option, please get in touch.

Below are some of our best selling kilns for using at home, if you’ve any queries, please just ask.

Test Kiln

A handy addition to any studio, this small front loader is for firing test pieces and giving quick results.


Why choose Northern Kilns?

  • We offer a large range of kilns, with custom sizes available.

  • We make kilns to order, so your kiln is built for you.

  • We make premium products, with superior build quality.

  • Our kilns are built to last – offering a long life span.

  • They are supplied as a complete package which includes: premium kiln, controller and furniture set.

  • Ongoing support via our helpline – 01253 790307

  • We offer carrier or personal delivery, so you can choose what’s right for you.

  • Exceptional value for money now and over time.

  • Online video tutorials.

  • Dedicated maintenance as and when you need it.

  • Meaningful guarantee.

Fresh from the kiln

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