The ceramics studio, Ettington, was started in 2014 by Leyla Folwell who was joined by Gaye Calleja in 2018. 

Leyla re-trained in ceramics after it being a hobby for many years, gaining a place at Loughborough Uni with a portfolio she put together from evening classes. She makes her own functional wares and also more experimental projects when she has time.

The Ceramics Studio

The studio is my dream come true; I literally sketched out a vision of it on paper back in 2009 and kept it in my sights. I am a big believer in making your dreams happen.

Gaye Calleja has been an absolute gift to the studio, especially with recent challenges. Best known for her cakes, she has been a hidden gem until recently. Before joining us she ran the day hospital in Shipston and also developed an array of creative projects for the patients. She has brought literally decades of experience as well as an a level in ceramics. Her own pottery is inspired by nature and narrative and is available in our shop.

The ceramics studio originally began in surrey docks farm in 2011 where Leyla experimented with delivering pottery skills in a relaxed manner to encourage a social aspect and connection. Then expanding into the biscuit factory in Bermondsey and flourishing for a short while until finally settling in greener pastures in Warwickshire. 

Most of their pottery classes are suitable for beginners and perfect for nervous learners. “our teaching emphasis is on you having an enjoyable experience while learning a new skill. There are also opportunities to develop your skills further into a regular studio user or even a supported maker from your own space with our pottery geeks program.”

A note from Leyla about NK – “I’ve been using northern kilns for over 16 years. Running a busy professional teaching space and producing my own wares, I need a good quality reliable service and durable equipment.

What you don't see when you compare kilns on the internet is the consistent care and support that this superb family business provides. As well as going the extra mile to help me out if a tight spot on more than one occasion they are a made-in-Britain firm, what more could a dedicated crafts person want?”