I have a kiln, it arrived today,
I have a kiln, I can fire my clay,
I have a kiln, it came with Pete and Stu,
I have kiln, it is shiny and new,
I have a kiln,  I can fire my pots,
I have a kiln, oh I like it a lot!
Money just paid in online.
What an exciting morning, and such really really nice chaps! Amazing delivery on your huge van, too. Pete was amazingly good at showing me how everything worked; he must have shown countless people, but was still so clear and patient. Thank you Peter.
Stu reduced me to tears by saying he could get my Father’s gas kiln up and running, no problem!!! After talking to so many people who have been far from encouraging in my quest to use Dad’s kiln, he gave me hope. Thank you Stuart.
I was excited before it arrived, but I am so excited and happy now, that I can hear myself making little squeaky noises when I think about the kiln and your company!

Paul Newby – Commercial Director EEC Ltd. & Revcoat Technologies Ltd

Having searched in vain for a company who could meet our requirements, I contacted Adrian of Northern Kilns with a list of expected specifications. Concerns about selecting Northern Kilns as the provider of solutions were swiftly quelled during our first on-site meeting. Design propositions were formulated very quickly; designs were finalised collectively with regular feedback and exemplary communication. Implementation was seamless and now we’re enjoying the benefits of our investment resulting in significant improvements in product quality, a dramatic reduction in gas usage and a 90% improvement in floor space utilisation.



The kiln looks splendid! I am very pleased. The quality looks fabulous! The size will open up lots of possibilities for me, I am amazed. 

May I say how impressed I was with Stuart and Peter. Their care and planning and skill was amazing, I can’t praise them highly enough. 



First firing complete, all pots in one piece, really impressed..thanks for everything



It’s nearly a week since you delivered my wonderful kiln. It was good to meet you both and have such brilliant firing instructions. I just wanted to let you know that I fired it up with kiln furniture in and kept a graph – it was a perfect firing of course! What a huge relief knowing that I can now fire with confidence knowing everything’s going to work!



Northern Kilns have supported me, personally, and my pottery business right from the start. They have a can-do attitude, always looking for solutions and ways to make things happen. I have been treated as an individual and they have looked for and found the right way for me. They are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and efficient. I have been extremely impressed with their customer service and what they have to offer.



Northern Kilns is highly regarded in pottery circles for a very high level of customer service and my experience with you is certainly testament to that reputation



Many thanks for your help and also to Peter for all the time he spent explaining the workings of it all to me



Please thank Adrian and the team for the best looking burner and stand in the northern hemisphere.



Fred and I want to thank you ALL very much. Thank you to Adrian for all his advice and understanding.

Pete and Stuart were fantastic on setting it up and training me on its use.



Amazed by the kiln’s insulation – cellar not hot at all. Thank you so much for all the time you spent here both visits, and especially for the very clear and helpful instructions



A huge thank you to Adrian and the team, Stuart and Pete were just great and I cannot express how impressed I am.

Your attention to customer service was the deciding factor that made me place my order with you, and I haven’t been disappointed. 

I’m simply over the moon.



HURRAH! HURRAH! I have my kiln in situ (getting a bit posh now) and Stuart and Pete did an amazing job, given the considerable challenges of the gate being to narrow and 3 steep steps to heave the kiln up! I am very grateful for their patience and professionalism, and good humour!

Stuart gave a thorough demo of the digital programming and left me with the appropriate instructions which were very helpful, so that’s great.



I would just like to say how impressed I am with the quality of workmanship in the recent repair of 2 of our kilns, the end result has easily exceeded my expectations.

Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to both of the engineers who carried out the work a few weeks ago.



Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was yesterday working with Stuart and Peter with the delivery of my brand new kiln.  It looks great and I’m sure will perform great too.  All I’ve done so far though is clean it a bit and look at it but I will soon be putting it through its paces.

Stuart and Peter were an absolute pleasure and really professional and courteous.

Many thanks again for being such a brilliant company to work with.



Thanks so much for all your help. The guys who delivered the kiln were brilliant. The stairs were not easy to manoeuvre and they managed without a murmur. They spent as long as I needed to go through how to use the kiln from loading to the controller. It was just what I needed. Very excited and can’t wait for my first firing.